Sankofa Family Counseling Services provides counseling to individuals, families, and children in the Western New York area.  We specialize in trauma focused care delivered on an individual, familial, and community level. Here at Sankofa we are dedicated to increasing access to high quality, culturally sensitive mental health services. Provided for people of color, by people of color.


Sankofa is derived from the Akan people of West Africa meaning “go back into the past and reclaim what has been forgotten in order to move forward in the present and future.” A therapeutic journey with Sankofa Family Counseling Services means just that, venturing into one’s past in order to heal and grow in the here and now.


What’s new at Sankofa Family Counseling Services?

"Emotional Emancipation Circles "

Sankofa Family Counseling therapists are trained facilitators of Emotional Emancipation Circles (EEC).



We are excited to partner with Ubuntu Village Works, LLC to offer EEC healing circles for people of African descent within the Rochester area.  

You are probably wondering what is an emotional emancipation circle? This is a space created by the Community Healers Network and the Association of Black Psychologists to help those of African descent begin to heal from racial trauma.

EECs are an 8-step process where we learn about our history, get tools to help deal with racial stress, but more importantly, a space for us by us. 

This is not intended to give you all the answers or to be therapy. 

But a space for you to decompress, learn, and be in community. 

How do you join? Simple! We have three separate concurrent sessions happening. Pick one to register for.


The sessions are two hours long and will go for eight weeks.

Pick one of the sessions below and we hope to see you there! 

Session 1: Tues 30 March 6pm 


session 2: Sat 03 APRIL 11am


Session 3: (youth only): Wed 31 March 5pm


Call Us:


1400 Portland Ave.

Suite #54

Rochester, NY 14621