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Sankofa Family Counseling Services provides counseling to individuals, families, and children in the Western New York area.  We specialize in trauma focused, culturally responsive care delivered on an individual, family, and community level. We are dedicated to increasing access to high quality, culturally sensitive mental health services. Provided for people of color, by people of color.

Sankofa is derived from the Akan people of West Africa meaning “go back into the past and reclaim what has been forgotten in order to move forward in the present and future.” A therapeutic journey with Sankofa will ask you to venturing into one’s past to heal and grow in the present and the future. We help individuals and families heal from generational trauma. We are committed to making our community more beautiful than it was when we inherited it.

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Sankofa Family Counseling Services offers flexible scheduling including evenings and Saturday hours.

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Therapy for Adults

Sankofa Counseling provides individual and couple’s therapy to adults 18 and older. We deal with a variety of issues ranging from depression and anxiety, to mental health counseling for more severe mental health issues. Some of our specialties include EMDR (trauma processing), Emotionally Focused Couple’s Counseling, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We are a culturally sensitive practice; our therapists have special training and interests in providing culturally sensitive care. We are also a Queer friendly practice.

​Family Therapy

Therapy is provided to families looking to improve communication, connection, and overall functioning. We will observe the history of dysfunction, assisting families to develop healthier relational dynamics and bonds. Family therapy will typically consist of a mix of individual and joint family sessions. We specialize in assisting families going through divorce and complex custody issues.

Therapy for Children & Teens

We provide counseling for children and teens ages 3-18. We work with children and teens with depression and mood disorders, ADHD, divorce or parental separation, and trauma. Play and artistic expression is a pivotal intervention in our work with younger children. Often times children do not have the ability to verbally express complex thought and emotion, therefore play and art is a pathway for the therapist to communicate and guide the child through a healing process. Parents and caregivers are an important part of the therapeutic process and will be expected to engage in joint and sometimes individual sessions with the therapist.


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