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From Surviving to Thriving...One Family at a Time

Certified. Knowledgeable. Compassionate.

Sankofa Family Counseling Services provides counseling to individuals, families, and children in the Western New York area.  We specialize in trauma focused, culturally responsive care delivered on an individual, family, and community level. We are committed to providing effective, compassionate, culturally responsive services to improve the lives of our clients, and the spirit of our community.

Sankofa is derived from the Akan people of West Africa meaning “go back into the past and reclaim what has been forgotten in order to move forward in the present and future.” A therapeutic journey with Sankofa will ask you to venturing into one’s past to heal and grow in the present and the future. We help individuals and families heal from generational trauma. We are committed to making our community more beautiful than it was when we inherited it.

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Our mission is to provide effective,compassionate, and culturally responsive mental health services to improve the lives of our clients, and the spirit of our community. 


Sankofa is committed to creating communities where historically under-resourced people of color can easily access high quality, culturally sensitive mental health care with no barriers. Our goal is to have an intergenerational impact that results in families and communities that are resilient, renewed, and restored for years to come.


Empathy At Sankofa we believe that empathy helps to connect us with the experiences of those we serve. Empathy is about sitting with someone during their emotional suffering, bearing witness, creating space, and identifying with one’s emotional experience. 

Humility In order for us to truly engage with the people we serve, we must humble ourselves to their journey and experiences. We believe that our clients are the authors, and experts of their own stories and provide them with the leadership needed to facilitate this process.  

Inclusion Sankofa strives to be an inclusive space for all people across the African diaspora. Our program is intentional about providing inclusivity to the LGBTQ Black community

Integrity To act in the best interest of the people and communities we serve. We act in a manner that represents good morals, including honesty, accountability, responsibility, and transparency.  We believe that the modeling integrity serves as an example to the clients and community in which we serve. 

Ubuntu “I am because we are.” We strongly believe that our existence as individuals is defined by the families, communities, and societies in which we are a part of. We strive to move beyond the needs of the individual, fostering awareness of, and connection to others as a tool for healing and sustainment of wellness.

Social Justice Social Justice-We believe that all people deserve access to high quality health care services, education, housing, and all of the social opportunities our society has to offer. We strive to build these bridges for those we serve.



Sankofa Family Counseling Services offers flexible scheduling including evenings and Saturday hours.

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