Meditation and Mindfulness

Intro to Meditation & Mindfulness

For the person looking to manage their stress gracefully. 

Presented by Little Black Buddha, LLC

Participants will be introduced to the building blocks of a mindfulness and meditation practice. This is an experiential program. Participants will practice different mindfulness and meditation techniques in the community of one another.


By Participating you will learn:


- What meditation is about and what it can do for you. 

- Learn how to #liveyourbestlife out loud.

- How to create a refuge for yourself.


$155 includes 6 small group sessions.

monthly payments or pay in full options included:

Ahlia is the founder and owner of Little Black Buddha LLC (LBB). LBB aims to be a supportive community of individuals who are practicing and expressing inquiry, self-love and self-care as a means to build and create their best lives.

Ahlia is a certified meditation teacher and has been practicing this form of inward examination for five years. She is eager to help others set up a practice for themselves. She believes that the practice of meditation and mindfulness can help people deepen their self-knowledge and awareness that is often offset by the day-to-day grind life of our daily lives. She believes in the necessity of self-examination, uncertainty and the value in questioning everything. She is naturally inquisitive about the world and has found creative out-of-the-box solutions in unexpected places and forms.

Her most valued gift is her family. She is a mother of three beautiful children and is married to a supportive husband of eleven years who continues to challenge her to be her best every day. She also possesses the gift of an amazing and loving extended family.