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What's a Doula?

At Sankofa Family Counseling Services, we are proud to have supported Senator Samra Brouk's Community Baby Shower for the second year in a row. It was an amazing opportunity for our team to share with women, parents, young adults and children what services Sankofa has to offer while also learning directly from the community about their needs.

The event was full of great conversation, camaraderie and laughter as well as music and dance – it really felt like a celebration! We were so inspired by all those that attended who shared our values around providing quality care within the community. We hope this will become an annual tradition!

At Sankofa Family Counseling Services we recognize there is still much work needed when it comes to increasing access to doula care for lower income families across our State in addition to the many other health inequities lower income families of color face. That’s why we are committed not only supporting events such as these, but also helping make sure that everyone can access high-quality support during pregnancy regardless of their financial situation or background."



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